Breeding Guppy

Breeding Guppy

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Name : Breeding Guppy

Description : Guppy is one of the easiest aquarium fish to keep and to breed.

Type: Freshwater

Size: Up to 1 ½” (3cm) for males, up to 2″ (5cm) for females

Difficulty Rating: Beginner

Breeding Difficulty: Easy

Temperature: 18-27°C (65-80°F)

Life span: 2-5 years

Water pH: 7.0 – 8.0

Water Hardness: Medium hard to very hard (10-30 dH)

Breeding Temperature : 23-28°C (74-82°F)

Guppy Breeding

Breeding Tank : 25 lt (5 Gallons) equipped with sponge filter, heater, thermometer. It is better to consider the heating of whole room for bigger production sizes and more breeding tanks, instead of heating each tank. Instead of glass aquarium you may use plastic or similar pool type tanks like Asian producer’s concreate tanks.


Female Guppy
Female Guppy

Breeding Parent : 1 male to 2 female

Number of fry per Spawn : 20-200 (depends on size and age of female)

Breeding Efficiency: Females start to produce first offspring 3-5 months of age and continue till 20-30 months of age. They can have spawn every month.

Gestation Period :  Usually 28 days but can range from 21 to 40 all depending on the female, the amount of fry she is carrying and water temperature.

Process : Just keep parent on the breeding tank together and add some materials to protects fry from

Guppy Fry

parents. There are some plastic accessories for protection of fry but professional producers prefer different methods to protect fry from parents parents like plastic separators, plastic mesh, plants or plastic ribbons.

After two weeks you may separate males and females.  The females will have a dark spot on the abdomen called the gravid spot. The males have a pointed anal fin called a gonopodium. For the next breeding parents, better to keep males and females separately.

Guppy Fry

Feeding the Fry : Guppy fry born as hungry, so better to begin feeding them shortly after birth. Their food must be small enough. You may feed with artemia, microworms and/or fine powdered flake foods.

The fry should be fed three to five times daily, amount must be just enough to consume all within 5 minutes. Never let excess food to stay on the tank.

Advantages – Disadvantages : Your main competitor will be big producers. Their cost for each fish will be lower than yours but you may use your low shipment cost advantages by staying closer to your local market.

Additional Advice : You may consider to breed different kinds of aquarium fishes to give better alternatives to your customers. Also you can cross breed different kind of guppies to have different shapes and colors.

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